LMG Touring Transports Fans to

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE IN scarypoolparty’s “Escape”

Las Vegas, NV – May 13, 2020

LMG Touring recently supported scarypoolparty’s “Escape” music video, providing the virtual production studio space, technology, and technical support to transport the band to a post-apocalyptic universe of robots and otherworldly creatures using cutting-edge extended reality (XR) technology.

LMG partnered with Freckled Sky, TRI.Direction and Pixela Labs to create an immersive, futuristic world for the shoot, which took place at LMG’s Las Vegas studio on their XR stage.


“Using the latest in real-time technology including Epic’s Unreal Engine, Disguise Media Servers, Stype Camera Tracking Systems and Roe LED Walls & Floors, we were able to create a mix of the real world and virtual world that would have been impossible to do in any other way,”

CRAIG MITCHELLManaging Director at LMG Touring & Entertainment

LMG’s extended reality capabilities immerse the talent in the environment, allowing them to see and interact with the content in real-time and in high definition – a huge step up from shooting on a green screen, which requires them to use their imagination. The ability to interact with the environment live helps the talent deliver a more authentic, realistic performance.


“My time recording the Escape video at LMG was an absolutely amazing experience. They are using new technology to record video and create a space that is beyond words. The staff at LMG were brilliant and my team and I were taken care of for the whole experience. The Freckled Sky team are mad geniuses and made a world that is super inspiring. Every single person that worked on this video is high class and a dream to work with. All I have to say is bravo to LMG Touring and Freckled Sky, y’all are amazing!”

ALEJANDRO ARANDA Member of scarypoolparty