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LMG Touring & Entertainment is behind the scenes providing the technology, crew and support for virtual and live productions.


As a full-service provider of video, audio, lighting and LED, LMG Touring & Entertainment serves as a single point of contact to cover all technical aspects of the show.

Since 2007

LMG, a national provider of video, audio, lighting and LED, has supported some of the world’s largest specialty events over the last four decades.

Since the launch of our Touring division in 2007, we’ve supported thousands of tours, concerts, and festivals, serving as the single point of contact for all things technical.

Our mission is to go beyond technology as a global leader by introducing innovative solutions you can trust.

We go above and beyond to provide efficient packaging, 24/7 equipment and labor support, and responsive, flexible, and competent crew.

With decades of experience, the support of 10 nationwide locations including two state-of-the-art studios, and an equipment inventory surpassing $150 million, we expanded our offerings in 2021 under our new name, LMG Touring & Entertainment, to support a broader array of commercials, cinema-style productions, livestreams, and more.

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We share the same vision and work together to plan for perfection.



Craig Mitchell joined LMG in 2008, starting in LMG’s equipment logistics department and transitioning to lead LMG Touring in 2009. Since that time, Craig has built LMG’s touring division, which has supported 280+ artists in venues across the globe, experiential events for major brands, Netflix specials, broadcast events, livestreams, music festivals as well as supporting commercial & film shoots. Craig directs all aspects of LMG Touring & Entertainment worldwide, managing the quoting process, schedules, and supervising staff on an executive level. Craig provides the vision and leadership for the growth of the touring division along with managing the performance of all aspects of the budgeting, operating and strategic business plan.

Kevin Maas

Technical Manager

Starting his career as a lighting technician, Kevin began as a freelancer with LMG in a variety of roles. As a jack of all trades, Kevin is well-versed in LED, lighting, and project management. In 2013, Kevin officially joined the LMG team as a Technical Project Manager. A guru in production design, technical design, and crew assembly, Kevin has become the epicenter of the LMG Touring & Entertainment technical team. Kevin has worked on countless tours in the early planning stages to ensure their success. These days, Kevin is leading the Disguise server initiatives with LMG’s xR stages.

Karol Luczkiewicz

Account Executive

Karol first began his career on independent film sets and in premium AV sales. From there, he first joined the LMG team as a hybrid-events coordinator for Zuddl, a customizable virtual events platform. After completing his Entertainment Management B.S. at the University of Central Florida, Karol took on the role of Project Manager, overseeing countless broadcasts and platform productions for Fortune 500 companies and more. In 2022, Karol joined the LMG Touring team and is pursuing his passion for live concert production out of the Orlando office. Here he leads project and workflow management and is excited to continue growing and developing in the touring and entertainment industry.

Zachary Lawrence

Account Associate

Zack has spent the past five years as an independent producer in the events and entertainment industry. He has served in artist relations and hospitality, transportation logistics, stage management, information technology, and LED art installations, to name a few. Zack has helped produce over 130 events in four years and lives his career by focusing daily to implement cross-cultural project management and leadership strategies. He celebrates diversity and community through the universal love of arts and creativity and enjoys contributing to client goals from an interdisciplinary perspective, joining creative & functional design approaches.

Marcus Randolph

Account Executive

Marcus has a BFA in Lighting Design from the University of North Georgia and over seven years  of experience in concerts, festivals and corporate events. He has a proven track record of creating and closing proposals for large-scale events, exceeding revenue expectations, and delivering success. From his strong industry background in lighting design, he is more than comfortable collaborating with clients in creative ways to execute their show. He believes that a designer knows he has achieved perfection when there is nothing left to take away, and his abilities have landed him several accolades as a Lighting Designer. Marcus will be fostering creative visions and goals of his clients with his role as the LMG Touring team’s Touring Account Executive.