LMG Touring Goes Big for

LP’s “2020 Virtual World Tour”

LMG Touring provided audio, lighting, camera and streaming technology to support and deliver the production.

LAS ANGELES, CA – August 1, 2020 – LMG Touring recently livestreamed LP’s “2020 Virtual World Tour” to a global audience, providing audio, lighting, camera and streaming technology to support and deliver the production.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LP’s worldwide 2020 headline tour was postponed, so the team sought to make this global livestream event one to remember.

“We wanted to go big for the livestream,” says Wesley Switzer, LP’s Production Manager and FOH Engineer. “So many artists are finding ways to reach their audience in quarantine but are often limited to their living room and on Zoom. We wanted to do something that gave fans the closest experience possible to a real, live LP show.”

Lighting Designer Julien Reux shared the same vision of creating a full-scale production so the audience at home would still get the “visual punch” of a real concert. “Knowing that LP would be performing with a full band who have heavy elements of rock n’ roll, I decided to design the rig so that I could capture as much of that essence as possible. I wanted to be able to make this show colorful without being monochromatic or oversaturated.”

LMG provided Ross Carbonite Switchers, Panasonic 4K cameras, Yamaha CL5 consoles, GrandMA2 consoles, Robe Esprite, Chromaq Colorforce II, Portman Hexaline P2s, and more to support the livestream production.


The Esprites helped me to create dynamic movement and to texturize the stage and band. With the Esprites, I was also able to create smooth and vivid effects that would translate well in both a broadcast and live setting

Julien Reux

The Chromaq Colorforce II created depth in the room and on screen, while the Portman Hexaline P2s gave the design an old school, incandescent rock n’ roll feel. To round out the look, Reux used Lustrs for accent lighting.

Translating live designs to broadcast delivery provided new challenges for the team. “Color temperature was something I had to adjust after seeing how my choices were reading on camera. Also, when usually I am more concerned with how the stage looks as a whole, making sure even the “cheap seats” get a great show, lighting for broadcast made me consider what my design looked like in close up shots or at angles that most of the time a live audience wouldn’t get to see,” says Reux.

While COVID-19 safety procedures created new challenges for moving gear and prepping for shows, LMG has finetuned their health protocols to keep everyone safe without sacrificing performance. LMG set the standard for safety on set, implementing temperature checks, mask requirements and social distancing.

“LMG was incredible on the logistics side. They have an all-star team (big shout to Craig Mitchell, Juliana Stern and Kevin Maas). They made sure their team was tested, safe, reliable and ready to dig in while also being ego-free creative professionals that gave us the best looks possible,” says Switzer. “They made it all work seamlessly without me having to stress any of the production aspects.”

The end result was “a fantastic and successful livestream,” according to Nick Bobetsky, LP’s Manager. “The concert was a ticketed success and was an invaluable moment for our label and promotional partners around the world to focus the global conversation around LP, the concert, and her new single, ‘The One that You Love.’ We’re looking forward to planning the next one with LMG.”